12 Gauge Dark Storm

Fibre Wad with Quad Seal

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Winner of the 2022 Great British Shooting Awards Ammunition of the Year. 

For the discerning game shooter who demands the very best, Gamebore’s Dark Storm with Quad Seal is the most ground-breaking development in modern cartridge manufacturing history. 

Taking the legendary performance of Dark Storm Game even further, the Quad Seal technology delivers unsurpassed knockdown power downrange, where it matters most.

Designed and developed in-house exclusively for Gamebore, the Quad Seal gives improved ballistic consistency, noticeably reduced recoil and increased striking energy, as well as being fully degradable, water soluble and 100% environmentally friendly. Our quad seal keeps our exclusively blended powders burning cleanly to give maximum pressure with a perfect gas seal for reliable results, precision and shooter comfort. 

Loaded with the world’s finest lead shot - Gamebore’s exclusive Diamond Shot, 5 x graded for size and spherical perfection - and our nickel plated head for smooth, easy ejection, the Dark Storm with Quad Seal takes our renowned Black Gold range to the next level and beyond.