12 Gauge Black Gold Game UER

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NEW for the 2023 game season, the latest addition to Gamebore’s Powerhouse Division; Black Gold Game UER.

Incorporating the most technologically advanced components we’ve ever developed – Our R&D team have worked tirelessly to improve upon our original Black Gold Game loads, carefully dissecting and analysing every last detail to identify qualities that could be enhanced further still, accomplishing a level of performance never achieved before.

Our aim? To maximise downrange speed and effectiveness without excessive pressures and recoil.

The density of our NEW full-cup Bio-Wad allows it to travel even further with the shot still enclosed. It is 2.5x heavier than the equivalent plastic wad, resulting in a prolonged drop-off point, creating tighter patterns at extended range. Its flexible crush zone generates improved shock absorption to reduce the impact on the shoulder, allowing you to shoot for longer, experiencing less fatigue.

The Bio-Wad incorporates Quad Seal technology – our exclusive, four-ring gas seal for improved overall ballistic consistency, reduced recoil and increased striking energy.

Injection moulded at Gamebore using a 100% environmentally friendly and hydro soluble material which is approved and accepted by estate managers and landowners, thanks to its quick degradation time and reduced visual impact in the field. The Bio-Wad degrades over 10x faster than any traditional fibre wad on the market.

Advancing the Lead pellet yet another level, with added antimony and graded even further than our renowned Diamond Shot in our purpose built, on-site grading facility. Diamond Shot Xtra is British lead, processed, perfected and refined here at Gamebore to produce the optimum in both sphericity and aero-dynamicity, in every pellet.

Our NEW custom blended double base RS propellant gives the highest performance possible, whilst remaining comfortable for the shooter.